The cost of litigation in the country is expected rise as the new rates for advocates fees come into effect.

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga gazetted official rates for advocates’ fees on Wednesday with the last comprehensive review having been done eight years ago.

Mutunga prescribed...

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Michigan, USA: Kepler-186f is almost exactly the same size as the Earth and has temperatures that are mild enough to allow liquid surface water .

Scientists have discovered a new planet which is extremely similar to Earth and could be home to extraterrestrial life.
Kepler-186f is almost...

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Kinungi, Kenya: Six people have died  in a road accident  at Kinungi, Nairobi-Naivasha road.

The 5:30am incident occured when a matatu collided with a lorry at the busy highway on Friday.

Police arrived at the scene and are redirecting traffic, they blame the...

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Three cases of bacillary angiomatosis have been reported in Kenya and Uganda.� [PHOTO: FILE / STANDARD]


NAIROBI, KENYA: While cats make perfect pets for some people, a study has revealed that they could cost you your life.

A life threatening disease being spread by cat fleas...

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Kenya: Ninety-one more illegal aliens were Thursday deported to Somalia after they were found to be in Kenya illegally in the ongoing security operation.

They are part of the 225 illegal aliens slated for deportation. Officials said the 91 were deported from Jomo Kenyatta...

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