The National Assembly Agriculture committee wants the government to suspend the Sh14.2 billion Galana-Kulalu irrigation project commissioned in November last year. Chairman and Mandera North MP Mohamed Nooru says the project was awarded without competitive bidding as required by the Public Procurement and Disposal Act. The committee has summoned the Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Felix Koskei to explain the circumstances under which the project was awarded. The committee members raised concerns that Green Arava company, that won the multibillion-shilling irrigation project, was a parent...
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Director: Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin Starring: Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Patricia Heaton, Trace Adkins Time: 98 mins Allyson (Sarah Drew of Grey’s Anatomy) is a married, suburban mother of three with an obsessive compulsive disorder about cleanliness. This proves hard for Allyson especially since her kids cause mayhem and she spends most of her day chasing after her kids, cleaning up their messes or prying their heads out of toilets when they get stuck. Allyson also struggles to find the time and inspiration to be a mommy blogger. Her well-meaning husband Sean (Sean Astin) is the clichéd absentee...
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Around 80 people are missing in Central African Republic after their boat sank last week on the M'poko River south of the capital Bangui, the government said on Wednesday. "Only around 20 people have been saved. The boat had more than 100 on board," the Minister of Transport, Silvere Yabada, told AFP. "The question we are asking ourselves is how around 100 people could agree to use a boat that was not suitable," he said. The same problem is on the roads. He added: "We see people crammed into vehicles piled high with goods; five or six people together on one motorbike. It's extremely dangerous...
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IN a move full of mixed signals, the South Sudan government has declared that foreigners will no longer work for international NGOs within its jurisdiction. An order issued on Tuesday also says that foreign workers of all nationalities must stop working in the hotels, oil, and insurance companies, banks and communications firms, effective October 15, barely a month from Tuesday. All the firms affected are required to advertise for the resulting vacancies, inviting Sudanese-only labour in a country that is woefully underdeveloped in skilled manpower. Many projects will have to be scaled back...
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Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru has said the ministry will hire 200,000 youth to boost slum upgrading and cleanups. Waiguru said the youth will partner with the National Youth Service men and women in the project. She cited dam and water pan construction and roads upgrading among tasks to be undertaken. Waiguru was speaking at the launch of the slum cleaning programme at Laini Saba, Kibera. “We intend to construct 1,100 dams and water pans this year,” she said. Waiguru said the main aim of the project is to assess the labour required in a slum-upgrading project. “The programme will...
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